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Je suis fille de la fille

Analía LLUGDAR (composer)

Emné NASEREDDINE (librettist) 

Andréanne Brisson-Paquin - soprano
Josée Poirier - flute
Krystina Marcoux - percussion
Alice Ronfard - dramaturgy

Program Notes

The opera has always been a means of reflecting on and commenting on the social and political concerns of the time. We delved into uprooting, emigration, and transculturalism as internal prisms of a reality burning with global immigration.

Starting from the collection of poems "La danse du figuier" by Emné Nasereddine, we wished to give voice to three women: daughter, mother, and grandmother, in a space where memories blend with reality and where one voice becomes the echo of all the others. The daughter left Southern Lebanon to settle in Montreal where she tries to rebuild her life. The grandmother lives in the past, in the time of war and occupation. The mother is like a wind that crosses the entire piece, immaterial, powerful.

The creation of "Je suis fille de la fille" in a concert version and shortened form represents for us the culmination of a year and a half of work, during which the support of Musique 3 Femmes has been crucial and has allowed us, collectively, to work on different levels of artistic research.

Analia Llugdar & Emné Nasereddine


Three women, three successive generations, three different destinies yet the same root, the same memory. Between daughter, mother, and grandmother, a bond is woven, anchored in a culture shattered by the ravages of war in Southern Lebanon. The daughter, seeking refuge in Montreal, strives to rebuild her life while the voices of her mother and her grandmother, Téta, constantly resonate within her, guiding her, questioning her, and offering comfort in her solitude and distance. Memory thus becomes the space of resistance and remembrance, the shelter for tradition and culture, the vanishing point towards freedom.


Analia Llugdar & Emné Nasereddine

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